Scholarships & Financial Aid

Our presenting sponsor, The Symphony Guild of Charlotte, Inc., is proud to announce that, since the year 2000, it has awarded in excess of $160,000 in scholarships to the
Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestras members.

Note: Any questions about Guild sponsored awards should be directed to
The Symphony Guild of Charlotte.

Tuition Assistance

The Symphony Guild provides grants to assist Youth and Junior Youth Orchestra members with annual tuition costs. The general guideline for awarding a tuition grant is an annual gross income of less than $50,000 for a family with two dependent children.  Information about these awards are provided to CSYO and JYO families by The Symphony Guild of Charlotte at the beginning of each season.
CSYO and JYO Private study financial aid applications:

Financial assistance for Private study lessons is need based.   The general guideline for awarding a financial-need scholarship is an annual gross income of less than $50,000 for a family with two dependent children.   The application and granting of awards takes place at the beginning of each season.  For further information and application forms available for CSYO and JYO families, visit the Symphony Guild of Charlotte website.
The following Symphony Guild of Charlotte sponsored scholarships are given out at our annual Youth Festival Concert.

Betsy Knight Scholarship:
The coaches and music director of the CSYO select the recipient of this merit award. The award amount is $400.

Meg Hutchins Scholarship
Established in 2005, this scholarship fund honors the life and memory of Dr. Meg Hutchins, daughter of Peg and Tom Hutchins. The award amount is $400.

Past Presidents' Scholarship
Funded by monies from the Past Presidents' Fund, this scholarship award amount is $400. The coaches and music director of the CSYO select a CSYO high school senior who intends to study music at the collegiate or conservatory level for this merit award.

The following scholarships are given out each year at the JYO and CSYO spring concerts.

Rene Burtner Scholarship
This $300 scholarship is given yearly in memory of Rene Burtner III, who was a member of the flute section of the Youth Symphony of the Carolinas in 1972 and 1973. After he was killed by lightning in June of 1973, members of the orchestra and the Charlotte Flute Club established a scholarship in Rene's name. Each year the scholarship is awarded to a senior who intends to major in music at the college level.

The Birch Shaw Memorial Scholarship, initiated by the CSYO Parent's Association and given in honor of it's first President, Birch Shaw. The award is given each spring to members of the Junior Youth Orchestra ($300) and the Youth Orchestra ($500). Chosen by the orchestral leadership, the winners must demonstrated outstanding leadership and a positive attitude.

Cookie Parnell Summer Scholarships "The Cookie Jar"
Depending on the donated funds available, CSYO and JYO members who plan on attending a summer music camp may submit applications to the Scholarship Committee for partial funding of their expenses.  Awards are based on merit and financial need may be considered.  More information and application forms are available on the Symphony Guild of Charlotte website.
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