JYO Announcements

Upcoming rehearsal:
Saturday, November 25

*Saturday, December 2
Full rehearsal: Stravinsky, Mendelssohn, Bruckner, Dvorak
Sectionals: Stravinsky, Mendelssohn, Bruckner, Dvorak, Germanotta, Puccini


The general guideline for awarding private study assistance is an annual gross income of less than $50,000 for a family. The awards provide assistance for 8 weeks of lessons for CSYO and 6 weeks for JYO per semester. Lesson records and progress reports must be signed and submitted by the students' private teachers verifying completion of the requirements at the end of each semester.  

Click here  to get more information and scholarship applications from the Symphony Guild of Charlotte's webpage.

Deadline for this years private study scholarships is September 12.

Please mail all forms to:
Betty Seifert
17007 Jetton Road,
Cornelius, NC 28031-7449

CSYO/JYO Late Pick-Up Policy
JYO and CSYO rehearsals conclude at the times published on our schedule. The JYO has two hour rehearsals (Saturday from 2-4) and the CSYO has two and a half-hour rehearsals (Monday 5:30-8).  Occasionally, both orchestras will have extended rehearsals (all times published well in advance) during the season.
Parents are required to pick-up their children by the published rehearsal end time.  Parents must consider weather and traffic when making pick up arrangements. In addition, if a parent sends someone else to pick up their child, that party must know how to get to the church and must arrive on time.  When children are picked up late, it puts an unfair burden on our staff and parent assistants as they are required to remain on premises with children, therefore, unable to attend to their own personal commitments. This places an unnecessary hardship and responsibility on them.
If a child is not picked-up by the published end time of a rehearsal:

1)       Regardless of the cause for the late pick-up, a late fee of $30.00 will be assessed starting at 10 minutes after the published end time of rehearsal. An additional $30.00 fee will be assessed for every additional 10 minute increment after that.  Example:  4:10-4:20pm= $30, 4:20-4:30=$60, etc.
2)       Parents will be asked to sign a form confirming the date and time of the late pickup and the fee amount that has been assessed.

Late fees are expected to be paid at the time of pick-up. These fees must be paid in cash at the time of arrival, or before the child's next regularly scheduled rehearsal. Fees must be paid before the child can attend the next scheduled rehearsal. Any rehearsals missed may be considered unexcused absences.
More than two (2) late pick-ups could result in a suspension or termination of your child's membership in the CSYO/JYO program.

To email your absence form to the CSYO manager, click here.

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