The Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestras Parents' Association (CSYOPA) is comprised of the parents of all members of the Charlotte Symphony Youth and Junior Youth Orchestras. It strives to support the students and the organization in every possible way.

All parents are encouraged to attend CSYOPA meetings in order to stay up-to-date with activities and important  information.

The officers of CSYOPA assist in planning trips and in coordinating a number of activities that rely on the volunteer support of all parents of CSYO/JYO students. The executive board communicates regularly with the parents through meetings, newsletters, calls and through messages sent home with the students at their weekly rehearsals.

If you have any questions, contact an officer of the CSYOPA executive board.

Please visit their website for more information

Email address:

Mailing address for CSYOPA:
PO Box 12485
Charlotte, NC 28220

2017-2018  CSYOPA Excutive Committee Members

Jeanna Norris President/ PA Liaison to the Symphony Guild
Lisa Kelly Vice-President/ PA Liaison to the Symphony Guild
Debby Groenhout Treasurer/Scrips
Susan Allemeier Secretary/JYO Hospitality Chair
Catriona Anderson At Large
Sandy Doherty At Large
Paula Jones At Large/ CSYO Hospitality Co-Chair
Emelia Roller At Large/CSYO Hospitality Co-Chair
Annabel Samaniego At Large
Jin Wang At Large/Charms
Nina Yan At Large
Beth Garges Symphony Guild Liaison*
Ernest Pereira               Conductor*
Chris Rydel                   Manager*

* By virtue of office


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